Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wednesday 19th March 2014 - Avonmouth

Jo was with 7 other Volunteers down at BPC Avonmouth, retrieving more bricks!
Here is Jo's report and photos:-

We had a good day at the docks today, with 8 volunteers present, after 13 last week.
We concentrated almost entirely on the floor. Rod spent the whole day digging off the roots and compost that covered the floor, up to a foot deep.
Although we haven’t quite finished, I think Rod alone has saved us the cost of a digger, at nearly £500. I’m amazed at his energy.
Two people then lifted the bricks out of the floor, another three picked them up, carried them out of the pit, and pushed them under the fence, where Mike and Vic spent the whole day bagging them up.
We now have an impressive double row of dumpy bags filled with mostly clean blues. We filled 20 bags today, or around 2500 bricks. In total, we now have 38 filled dumpy bags, and a good 5000 bricks already extracted.
This is coming out ahead of our initial estimate! We reckon there is one more full day’s work left in the pit, with at least another 1000, possibly 2000 bricks to go. We still have to finish off lifting out the floor, and then there is a good 15 yards of wall left to demolish. We have enough bags for this.

At the end of the next session, we should have something under 60 bags awaiting collection.


Thanks to everyone for their hard work today.

If you are a GWSR Volunteer and would like to help us out over the next couple of Wednesdays at Avonmouth, please get in touch with Jo. It would be much appreciated!


Jo said...

Now that we know that there will be about 60 bags, does anyone have a contact in the Avonmouth area that has a machine such as a Matboro rough terrain fork lift that can take the bags 100 yds to the roadside?

Anonymous said...


This may fit the bill ? They may do you a special deal seeing as it's on their doorstep, good publicity etc.

Jo said...

They've got the stuff but we need one with an operator... I haven't got my ticket for that yet :-)

Jo said...

Hi Anonymous,
We are going to follow up your suggestion, the company is indeed only a few yards from the port gate. I have managed to find a driver for the telehandler.
Many thanks for your tip, it was a good one !
Best regards,