Wednesday 19 March 2014

Wednesday 19th March 2014 at Broadway

There were twelve volunteers at Broadway today and  3 tasks were on the go and proceeding well!

The first of these was the continuing of the bricklaying on the Signal Box. John C and  Bob W  were working from  either end with Paul mixing the compo. The preliminary task was to jack the steel beams into their exact position before "fixing" them into place with brickwork.

I have to say that Bob and John were laying the bricks in quick time and the whole structure is beginning to look very real now.

Here is the end of day shot from the camera - imposing or what!

At the other end of the site, Richard and the Fairview lorry were assisting in  laying some more coping slabs on Platform 2B. In the end 12 were laid with just 5 to go. A remarkable effort considering it was nearer lunchtime when they started. Weather permitting the remainder will be done next week.

While they were waiting for the Fairview Lorry to arrive Peter H and Peter Q set about marking out the vertical slabs line behind 2B and preparing the water supply pipe for routing to a new location behind  Platform 2. Roger B in the meantime finished of the vertical brickwork join between 1B and the notional 1C. It was altogether a very productive day on the platforms!

Back down south for the next task, where Clive was laying the bricks on the small  extensions we are putting on 1A and 2A to facilitate the barrow crossing.

In addition Ron Bris and Peter D brought 4 sleepers and 4 pieces of rail to make up a setting out gauge for constructing the bracket signal base. Much appreciated gents - I know you have more than enough work on your hands at the moment.

David and Chris Helm were on brick cleaning duties. They will have to speed up even more when the Avommouth bricks arrive! (see other post in the morning!)

Julie and Doreen had a good day at the Shed - Julie even managing to sell a set of chairs. It was a good day all round!

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