Saturday 15 March 2014

Saturday 15th March 2014 - A Sunny and Very Productive Day!

 There were 14 of us on site today plus Steve Warren with the JCB.

John S waiting for the dumper to be loaded
The main target for the day was to complete the Platform 2B infill, up to the base of the lamppost sockets. This involved shifting a great deal of Mythe rubble and layering it behind the wall.

John  at the top of the slope from the car park

Part of the crew layering the rubble (Phil, Roger and Brian)

It really is back breaking work and there is an enormous void to fill behind the wall.

The most efficient way to carry out the job was to bring the rubble up in the 5 tonne dumper and then ladle it over the wall.

Jo manages to get in front of the camera for once!

Here the process has started of topping  out with a layer of ballast and ash.

Although the Thwaite dumper is very versatile, it wasn't able to shift the ballast at the speed required, and in the end we adopted the big dumper approach of ladling it over the wall.

By the end of the day the job was completed and Brian and Roger even managed to get the roller on it to start the compaction process.

On other fronts, the brick cleaning gang were out in force and we have an ever increasing stock of blues, but we are now looking for supplies of reds to back them up.

Dave Bowie was multi tasking today - measuring out some fencing requirements in the morning

and manning a bonfire in the afternoon - secretly his favourite job I think!
Vic continue his  labour of love on the flower border  by the driveway. I don't know how many tons of Costwold stone he has man-handled into place!

And a couple of other photos from the day:-

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Perry said...

Why not use concrete blocks instead of the red bricks? Quicker & cheaper.

It's my business to know these things.