Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wednesday 17th September 2014 - Such a Productive Day!

Well that was an enjoyable morning! There were 19 volunteers on site and a bright, dry day encouraged everyone in their endeavours.

Work continued on the building of Platform 2C. The first course of blocks were laid and the rebars inserted in the rear blocks, ready for the second course. Here Steve  is  drilling the rebar holes ready to be resined into place,

The second course soon followed and in total 46 blocks were laid.  In the foreground here you can seen the 100 mm blocks which will be laid as courses 3 and 4, to bring it up to the blue brick laying height. It was a great job.

No lesser job was being carried out over on Platform 1C. The embankment behind 1C was being cleared of rubbish and graded to allow grass seed to be planted in the near future. The line of the rear vertical slabs was also being marked out.

As I have mentioned before, BAG colleague Jim Hitchen is masterminding the HIA Footbridge refurbishment at Wishaw. The plan is to start bringing the footbridge sections down to Broadway to be worked on locally. In order to  do a "proper job", Jim and Peter Q have designed a waterproof/ sandblast proof shelter, to accommodate each section as it is being refurbished.  Today was the day for starting the fabrication of the shelter.

 Step 1 Planning - Who put those Pipes There?

Step 2 - Is this Project going to Fly?

Step 3 - Keep in Step

More of this important work as it progresses - who knows we might get a mini Blog going on it!

I took advantage of the George Law plant still being at our end  of the site to move some  surplus ballast up to the site of the platforms. 12 tonnes was deposited  by Platform 2C for us to use as we require it.

Jam anyone!

Great business was being done at Marguerite's Shed today. Julie Stevens and Doreen broke their personal best record today with an end of day tally of £182. Brilliant.

And finally we had a visit from a  local Muntjac Deer.A great photo Jo, welcome back...


Monday, 15 September 2014

Sunday 14th September 2014 - Broadway Food Festival

It was quite a week for Broadway  - celebrating the visit of theTour of Britain Cycle Race, the  Broadway Horticultural Show , and the Broadway Food Festival yesterday. From a Broadway Area Group point of view John Blofield  gave us a presence at all 3 events and, with the help of a few other stalwarts, kept passers-by up to date with the latest happenings on the GWSR. Here is John's report from yesterday.

Vic & John......

We were given the opportunity to have a display at the first Broadway Food Festival today. Local  food producers took over the marquee used for yesterday's Horticultural Show. We had our stand inside the marquee also, as the green was taken up with other stands, a cookery demonstration tent and several vintage cars. The festival seems to have been a success, there was a steady stream of visitors, and apparently all the car parks in the village were full. Our stand attracted quite a lot of interest from locals and visitors, although a number of drooling foodies walked straight by! A number of potential shareholders and new members for the railway went away carrying the relevant booklets, so it was a worthwhile exercise. Vic did an excellent job of ambushing parents with small children and giving them Santa and Thomas leaflets. I am now glad to give the vocal cords a rest after two days of talking about bridges, track-laying and station-building! Thanks to Jim for helping in the morning and to Vic, who helped in the afternoon.

Regards, John

Apart from some the excellent PR, the BAG were happy to receive donations and provide information on  Bridges to Broadway Shares,  joining the GWSR, and up an coming events.
A big thank you to John and his helpers! 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday 14th September 2014 - Countdown to 1 Million Views!

The Steaming to Broadway  Blog viewing figure is just about to pass 1,000,000. Thank you to all the regular Blogs Supporters who make it an enjoyable and worthwhile task to maintain. Here's to the next million.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Saturday 13th September 2014 - A Day Off

I had a day off today with the enjoyable duties of entertaining the Grandchildren. However Broadway is rarely off my map and we came along to support the Broadway Horticultural Show. The Broadway Area Group always have a stall,  invariably manned by John Blofield, together with whoever else he can rope in! Here John chats to some of the many visitors to the stall.

The Chipping Camden Swing Band were in good form. Polly my youngest granddaughter(and the apple of my eye) can vouch for the quality of the music as she dances along.

What a delightful village Broadway is.

Here is Johns Report:- 

The day went well, and there was a steady stream of visitors to the stand, both locals and holidaymakers. There were a lot of compliments on the appearance of our shiny refurbished bridge on Station Road. Several people took away share brochures with the intention of buying some shares, there were also a few potential members for the railway and a steady trickle of small donations. I must thank Stuart again, and also Graham from P Way, both of whom were involved with the show, but helped out when they had some free time.

Back on site serious work was proceeding. More brick laying was being carried out on the Signal Box. You can now see the main door frame in position. 5 courses of bricks were laid to the frame, and more on the back wall. The slots for the revised  joist trimmers were cut into the wall.

At the other end of the site blocks were being retrieved for laying  the foundations of Platform 2C. Here you can see the progress on the 9" block laying from Wednesday and behind the  100mm blocks are stacked up waiting to be laid.

Here Steve barrows the blocks from there storage position.   As you can see brick cleaning continues!

Down by the  northwest bridge embankment Dave B and Vic repaired some existing fencing and added a new section.

Thanks to Dave H and Vic  for the excellent pics.

Our regular photographer aka Jo will be back next week (thank goodness I hear you cry!). Nevertheless I do appreciate all of the photos from others who have helped me out, so keep them coming!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Wednesday 10th September 2014 - The Tour of Britain hits Broadway!

My BAG volunteering chums John Blofield, Stuart Warnants. and Mike Speake  ran our publicity gazebo  in the village and had  a very hectic  morning! Here is John's report:

A successful event from our point of view, with a number of donations given and several share booklets handed out to potential shareholders. There was a lot of interest in the bridge works and the railway's progress towards Broadway. The good weather and entertainment made it a happy occasion, helped by the fun bike race (which included the Icicle Tricycle ice cream trike usually parked on the High Street!). The first prize was a hamper donated by Budgens supermarket, and the winners of the race were the team from ... Budgens supermarket! They generously donated their prize to us, and we had it auctioned off, raising a princely £22. Thanks go to Budgens and also to Stuart Warnants and Mike Speake who helped out.

Tony Boucher took these excellent photos of the race itself. We are looking for the cycling experts to name the riders!

Wednesday 10th September 2014 - A thoroughly enjoyable Day!

There were 19 Volunteers on site today - the September sunshine was glorious and there was much to be done.

Work continued on the Signal Box with attention being given to a slight lowering of the joists positions, having installed the lever frame - everything has to align precisely with this center piece...

In the background Peter Q was fabricating some  rubber waterproof protection for the end of joists  ("gloves" in the trade) as they  were set in their slots in the brickwork.

The main door frame was delivered yesterday and is ready to be installed on Saturday.

Also a dummy rear widow frame has been made so that the rear brickwork can continue once the floor has been completed.

 All those involved with the Signal Box today can feel well pleased with their efforts.

At the northern end, Platform 2C was beginning to take shape.

I am posting Roger B's report here, as he was at the sharp end of the job!

Hi Bill

A great team performance today we Terry, Clive, Bob, Martin and I, laid 110 Blocks including 2 Piers on Platform 2c.

There are approximately 15 Blocks at the rear to be laid to complete, the first course. Suggest that this can be completed on Saturday with care.
Clive will be on site next Wednesday to manage the second course of block laying and the positioning of Drainage Pipes.

For Wednesday we also require 100 + blocks to be moved and positioned ready for laying and in addition we require all the Metric blocks we have to be moved south ready for laying.
What great progress!

Dodging about a bit now, the Bridge Contractors continue to put the finishing touches to the Bridge top surface.  The excavator is laying drainage pipes down the embankment. I persuaded the driver to do one or two leveling jobs on the embankment to  improve the appearance.

When that was completed concrete was poured into the gap at either side of the bridge bed. The final task will be  to put the gravel boards on and  level it through with ballast.

Back at the other end of the site Chris, David and Keith were brick cleaning - the job must go on....

Thanks everone!

Tuesday 9th September 2014 - Stanley Steamers!

A superb parade of Stanley Steamers at Toddington yesterday.
Pictures courtesy of Tony Boucher - I'm sorry I missed it!