Thursday 20 March 2014

Bracket Signal Post - Broadway

Just a quick update on progress on the Signal Post itself. Andy P kindly passed these photos on, and as you can see work is proceeding nicely!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I am not very up on manual signals. If a train leaves the UP platform for Toddington and crosses to the Down at points 20a/20b, just south of Evesham Road, should signal 4 be the taller of the two?
Well done everybody on the fantastic progress.
Simon Treadwell (14)

Bill said...

I will get someone to answer your question!

Jim H. said...

Simon you have asked a very good question, which I presume is based on a signalling sketch on the proposed layout for Broadway as you quote point and signal numbers. It was the convention in BR days that the signal for the main route would be the taller of the two as this would normally also be the higher speed route.

If you look at the top photo on the Blog then indeed the left hand post is the taller of the two posts as I would expect. I think the way the signalling sketch has been drawn is a bit misleading and I will mention this to the GWSR signal engineer when I next speak to him.