Saturday 17 August 2013

Saturday 17th August 2013

Despite a weather forecast to the contrary it was a dry and pleasant day at Broadway, and eleven of us set to  on the job list for the day.

The  four brick cleaners (Roger, Pete, Robin and Keith) kept their bolsters ringing all day. As you can see we are amassing a good stock of bricks to complete the next section of Platform 2B.

Posing by the dying embers - I'll
have to be quicker with the camera!

Further north  on the track-bed John B and Jim kept a bonfire well fired with site rubbish. There really is a never ending stream of  wood, weeds and junk to dispose of!

We'll soon be at Laverton....
The main construction task of the day was continuing with the infill of platform 2. We have had the use of a 1.5t mini digger for a few days and we certainly made use of it.

John C, Tony and Dave

Our trusty dumper fits in every nook and cranny....

The process is to maintain the integrity of the drainage system behind the wall while building up alternate layers of ballast and brick spoil.
This process continued till the end of the day... brilliant!

Yes it does need fuel....

My job for the the day was getting some photographic practice as Jo was on a day off! The only thing I managed to do was fix the brush cutter and try it out on the embankment above platform 2B. All good fun...

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