Thursday 9 June 2011

Blog Followers!

To all my blog followers - thanks for all your support -it gives the blog a sense of purpose!
 mm now where's No 50?  - Thank You!


richard said...

Bill thank you for keeping this blog up todate, great work by you and the team


Jim Boyles said...

Bill, without your blog, we would never be aware of how much progress is being made as nothing ever appears on the "official" GWRS website!

Keep up the great work!

DanC said...

amazing now for a running in board!

stuart said...

Amazing work there. I shall look forward to seeing GWR benches and and tubs of flowers sat on it. Not long now. :)

One thought occurs, I know new platforms have to have the rippled edge because health and safety rules imply the hard of sight might walk off the edge of the platform. Are heritage lines exempt from this, or is it just a Network Rail thing?

Keep up the good work.

Bill said...

Stuart, A tricky one this - tactile paving is mandatory for public rail transport but as far as I know is not yet mandatory for heritage railways. Of course it can't be any old tactile paving, the pimples have to be layed out so they point to the edge of the platform. All quite expensive I should imagine!.

Thanks to you and others for your supportive comments.