Saturday 11 June 2011

Saturday 11th June 2011

A quick report on progress. 8 Volunteers set to on two main tasks. The construction gang finished off the corbelling on the last section of Platform 1 - the infill can be completed on Wednesday morning and the slabs put on in the afternoon. That's the plan anyway.

We have also moved the southern construction site boundary to beyond the bridge. This could not have been achieved so quickly without Steve Warren and his JCB. The posts are setting and the job should be finished off on Wednesday.

To all the walkers who use the trackbed can I ask that you make use of some of the other excellent local paths and bridal(bridle!) ways. We don't want to be responsible or liable for anyone having accidents. Thank you.

Had 3 GWSR visitors today- Ivor Dixon, Glyn Cornish and Steve Sperring - all coming along to see how things are progressing and I think generally we got the thumbs up. It is always good to see GWSR Heads of Departments coming along - we sometimes feel we're ploughing a lone furrow in Broadway! I am a bit concerned that as they arrive the heavens opened and we all got a good soaking - not a bad omen I hope!


Mike Bond said...

Intrigued by this "bridal way" - she'll be coming down the trackbed when she comes - sorry, I'm a pedant.

Dave B said...

Now maybe there's something in this, you know. Is there an untapped market for weddings on trains? Followed of course by arrival at Broadway station for a reception in the village .... welcomed on the platform by Bill in his topper & tails!

Jim Boyles said...

My usual Sunday perambulation to the site (despite the rather inclement weather!). What progress! According to your ealier report, Bill, you only expected to get to corbelling height this week and now you're ready to lay edging slabs. Rather ahead of the anticipated time-line! I reckon a good, hearty slap on the back for all involved!!

So, wither now? A ramp at the North end of platform 1? Or a start on 1A?

Best wishes to all of you! I just wish I could help out.....!