Thursday 10 March 2011

Wednesday Construction

The Spring sunshine  brought an extra dimension to the Platform wall and emphasised  just how much progress has been made over the past 6 months. Work continues on the next stage of corbelling and infill and it looks the business!  8 volunteers took advantage of the bacon bap service from the Old Station House - I have not  seen so many people move so fast in unison!

A pleasant and all too short visit from Jim Graham brought back memories of the early days. However he new he had exceeded his time when a wayward end cap from a plumbing job caught him amidships and gave him a soaking! (Risk Assessment updated). On the serious side we now have water and electricity supply to the upper platform level, ready for any interim facilities that may be required.

Lastly on behalf of all the volunteers I would like to wish Robin Elliott a speedy recovery from his up coming medical procedures and we look forward to seeing him back on site once more.

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