Wednesday 9 March 2011

Latest Progress!

Sorry Blog Followers for the delay in posting but normal service is resumed now!

Friday 4th March
The Wisley Blues arrive! I wasn't quite sure that they ever existed but sure enough nearly 4000 bricks arrived with Vic Haines Transport. I can only congratulate Robin again on this endeavour! Also a well done has to to Steve Bucknall for spending 3 hours helping the driver unload the bricks. Steve your going to have to move out of Broadway - your too handy mate!

Saturday 5th March
12 Volunteers arrive for work and progress was made on a wide front. The Construction team continued to top out the platform wall and a couple of more days work will see the wall to a uniform height for at least 120 ft.   30 platform edge slabs will be brought over from Winchombe in the next  week or so  to complete this section of the wall.
Vic and Robin continued to clean off the red bricks from Cheltenham. some 3000 bricks were in the consignment and most of these are finding there way into the rear of the wall structure - brilliant!
Andy P and a bonfire crew continued with the lineside clearance to the North. Andy has been working long hours on this job prior to the bird nesting season. It really has opened up the cutting northwards.

Keith G mounted an attack on the blocked drainage in the proposed car park area that flows into the stream. Water is actually flowing again so that can only be a good thing.

Finally thanks to Chris Helm for this creation to keeps the Cabin free of mud - our very own boot scraper (far too good for cleaning boots!)

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