Thursday 7 October 2010

Wednesday 6th October 2010 - "Men at Work"

Spent a very pleasant morning on various small tasks, one of which was to take a trip up to Cotswold  Building Supplies in Broadway for some  lime cement. What a fairyland this is for the DIYer or professional. They seem to have everything that you could want. Not only that, they are so knowledgeable and helpful!
I can also report on platform wall progress from our correspondent on the front line, Peter H:

"We had a very good day brick and block wise. Ron continued with the corbelling and Ray & I managed to finish the 4 base courses for the next 50 ft of platform. Ray had a dental appointment in the afternoon so I carried on with the block laying. I am now an official student at the Brislin academy of brick/block laying! Really enjoyed it, very rewarding.Ron has asked me to make a stacking frame to go in the container for the planks purchased today - should keep it a bit tidier. Will have a go at it on Saturday."


Anonymous said...

Great to see Progress -- Any news on proposed track or signaling as Broadway Signal box seems to have gone quiet.

Bill said...

Hello - There is a track plan in existance but there is some debate about the type of signal box we require and its positioning. I will post some info. on the Blog when I find out. Thanks for your enquiry.

mjryder.97 said...

Is the old Exminster Signal box no longer for Broadway then? What will you do with it if it isn't used there?

Bill said...

I don't think the Exminster Box has been totally discounted! As ever there are different schools of thought about how such a large box can be made to fit aesthetically into the lanscape at Broadway.