Sunday 3 October 2010

A Hive of Activity - Saturday 2nd October 2010

A large number of  volunteers and visitors turned up on what proved to be  a balmy October day. A variety of tasks were carried out across the site, non earth shattering but all had the common ingredient of the Team relaxed and enjoying what they're doing - just as it should be! Here are a few items of interest:-

Work has been started on clearing back the vegetation on the cutting north of the site. Important work to keep the trackbed clear and  the site looking cared for.

Ron carefully set up 2 piers of corbelling at either end of the new wall. It was good to see this feature at last!

From the corbelling height we were then able to use the theodolite to establish a master reference, ground zero point for the whole site. Here it is, insignificant to look at but all building work across the whole site will use this as a reference point.

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