Saturday 8 May 2010

Whats Happened to the Weather!

What a grotty day weather wise! Well done to all my fellow navvies who turned out today. We have worked in all conditions in the past 12 months - including a foot of snow but today with the combination of rain wind and cold was dire!

Nevertheless more of the station foundations were exposed, including the footings and plumbing of the Gents - we get our kicks in simple things! A special mention for Chris and son David who have a terrific work rate and have transformed much of the station footprint with their hard work.

We had a visit from John Balderstone who is the resident structural engineer on the GWR. He confirmed that, much as we expected, the footings of the platform and building will have to be replaced - It was no great surprise and as we want to do a "proper job" , that's what will be done!

Finally Peter H and I started work on a new noticeboard for the site - very enjoyable - more on this later!

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