Saturday 8 May 2010

Thanks for Following "Steaming to Broadway!"

Many thanks to the followers of my blog. I know that sometimes the activities catalogued here seem a bit mundane and trivial, but that's what working as a volunteer on the GWR is often all about. Taking the rough with rough, plugging away, and then, on odd occasions achieving a milestone where somehow it all seems to make sense and you can bask in a moment of glory and satisfaction! Then back to basics and on to the next challenge! Thanks again!

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Brian P said...

Hi Bill
Thanks for publishing your blog. Mundane and trivial is absolutely fine. As someone who spent most of his childhood on and around Broadway station, and then watched it being demolished, it's great to see the work you are doing to bring it back to life. I'm afraid I live too far away to be an active member of the railway, but can only lend my moral support. Keep up the good work, and keep the blogs coming.