Saturday 1 May 2010

1st May - Good Progress!

What an interesting day! The lags split into two teams - one looking at the alignment of the old southbound platform against the natural curve of the trackbed - the other excavating the footings of the original main Station building.

This was a particularly rewarding exercise as the revealed footings seem to bring the main station building back to life. It reinforce my conviction that we should be returning GWR Broadway exactly back to its original, former glory.

The motley crew at work! We had a most welcome visit from Malcolm Temple( GWR Chairman - on the extreme right of the adjacent picture and no, Alan Bielby is not arm in arm with him!) who spent some time chewing the fat with us over current railway problems, but also offering encouragement to continue with the successful work done so far and , dare I say it to start building things!

And now for the puzzle! We unearthed this very decorative cast iron item within the station footings - a free Steaming to Broadway fridge magnet for whoever can tell us what it is and what it was used for!

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Toddingtonted said...

Wow! Some fantastic photos of progress. I had no idea that the footings of the old station had survived. I assume that this will save you at least some work. I have no idea what the mystery item is in the 3rd photo but, as its decorative, I assume it must have been somewhere where people could see it easily. I look forward to having a look when I come down for the Gala. In the meantime, well done folks!