Wednesday 18 February 2015

Wednesday 18th February 2015 - Part 2 - Platform 2C

It was difficult to choose the order of these posts, which might imply that one was more important than the other  - not so - if you were to measure them in terms of  urgency, and blood sweat and tears, then the work on Platform 2C should be  at the head of the list!

The job  firstly involves laying 3x2 council slabs vertically along the rear of the platform. Setting them in concrete and keeping them level and vertical -  it strains all the muscles and the patience!

Here we see the job towards the end of the day when an heroic 11 slabs and a lamppost socket had been installed. There are perhaps another 11 to go.

However prior to that, a good deal of discussions had taken place on the best method of keeping the levels right when there is not a completed front wall to use as a datum.

In the end the laser level was used, but even that put up some resistance and required re assembly.

In terms of continuing with the front wall, a good number of bricks were laid by Clive, with Peter H backing up. As you can see the ballast at the  rear of the wall makes this particularly difficult  - a certain amount of gymnastics are require!

A great job was done by Rod, Terry, Clive, and  Peter H and all who persevered  with this today.
Thank you.

EO Part 2


Rod said...

Good effort today Bill at the site and on your PC! Weather f/cast is dire for you so delivery timed well.
Rod L.

Noel Chiappa said...

Well, from the look of things, it shouldn't be too long now until 2C, and thus the platforms as a whole, are done (well, done, modulo the gap at the signal box :-). Won't that be a great milestone to reach!