Wednesday 18 February 2015

Wednesday 18th February 2015 - Part 1 The Signal Box

There were 4 major tasks going on today and in order to do them justice I will summaries them in separate Posts. There were 21 volunteers on site today and an almost springlike day lifted the spirits and made every part of the site construction take on a new dimension.

 We have had great support on all fronts for the work on the Signal Box - For those supporters so generously sponsoring a window - thank you - they are in the process of being manufactured by Paul Richards Joinery at Whitney. However today was the day for completing the window frames and continuing with the rear wall.

Here Paul and his colleague are tapping in the vertical posts which make up the verticals of the window frames, and importantly take the weight of the roof through to the brick wall.

It was a pains taking process and you can see that a cold wind was blowing through, by the  hooded jackets!

Eventually the top rail was located to hold the whole frame  square. Paul and his family have history with the Great Western Railway and this shines through with the attention to detail that has been applied to the frames.

At the rear of the box a full gang were working on the bricklaying. Great progress was made, especially as part of the job was to bring the chimney and its flu lining up to current level. There are just 3 courses of  external brickwork remaining - this will take one more good session to complete. Work will then proceed on the roof structure. I cant wait!

Thanks to the  SB BAG Volunteers today, JC, Bob W, John S, Tony and Paul It was great to see the result of all their hard work.

Finally thanks to Paul Richards who went the extra mile in every sense of the word to finish off the frames today. Here is a good shot towards the end of the day.

EO Part 1

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