Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Steaming to Broadway - the 1000th Post!

It seems difficult imagine that the Steaming to Broadway Blog has been going for  more than 5 years. During that time I have enjoyed reporting the hard work of the Broadway Area Group Volunteers and their extraordinary achievements.  This is the 1000th post! None of it would have been possible without the volunteer's grit and determination, born out of the common desire to see steam trains departing once more from Broadway Station.

Of course the blog wouldn't have succeeded at all without the support of you, the Blog Followers. Your enthusiastic following, makes the reporting  all worthwhile and I hope you will continue in the future, right through to when we report the first train pulling out of Broadway's Platform 1. What a day that will be! Your enthusiasm is often expressed in donations -  I have to say, that's what has kept us going, and I should add, that's what will be needed to keep us going in the future.

As for the future of the Steaming to Broadway Blog - I will try  to keep it fresh, interesting and accurate - not always easy after a long day! For several years I have had the help of my friend and colleague Jo Roesen. His never ending stream of cleverly observed photos are always the cornerstone of the posts. Thank you Jo. As we move forward I may need a bit more help!

So Blog Followers, keep the faith and hopefully  Post 2000 will be made up of pictures of the Broadway Volunteers with their feet up on Platform 1, reminiscing with the usual "do you remember......... preface.

Thanks all,


Jo said...

Well done Bill!
I enjoy it as much as you do :-), and it's a great team.
Let's build the 'Jewel in the Crown'.

Garry said...

Congrats on post 1000. By 2000, you'll be well on the way to Honeybourne!
Keep up the great reporting and one day I'll actually get to visit Broadway.
Do you now have enough imperials to finish the job? There are still a few knocking around in Taunton (and the road is not finished,yet) and I'll "keep 'em peeled" for the spear fencing.


Anonymous said...

love this site. In a world of bad news it is a lifeline.


steamartist said...

Hi Bill,

Congratulations on the 1000th post - I have read them all, and it is such a treat to see a beautiful GWR railway station coming back to life.
I wonder how accurate my 'artists impression' painting will prove to be?
Best wishes to you Bill, to Jo and all the gang.
Here's to the next 1000!!


Rodger Nagle said...

A fabulous blog that is always fresh! Thanks for the regular updates on what the team is doing and the amazing progress.
Its been nearly 2 years since I was last there and I'm hoping to be back in the UK for a visit during summer 2016 - will I see station buildings?

Richard said...

I always look forward to the latest update. Thanks to you and the team for sharing your interesting and inspiring dedication to the high-quality rebirth of Broadway Station. The love and pride you put into it shines through.

Noel Chiappa said...

I'd like to echo all those comments, particularly the one about it being a lifeline on days when the world outside is rather grim. It's a wonderful record of the work, and a fabulous window into the project for all the rest of us. Thanks for all the hard work of doing it!


Jim Boyles said...

Congratulations, Bill and all the team!
Jim Boyles

richard said...

Thank you Bill and the rest of the BAG team it is a great joy watching you all build Broadway stn

Anonymous said...

I have also followed your blog from the start and like all others wish to congratulate the team on a tremendous reconstruction. It means so much to see your station coming back from the ashes as I watched the destruction of many of my beloved GWR signal boxes during the early sixties never dreaming this would happen.

yamfaz said...

Congratulations, it is a real pleasure to read of the progress you are all make. As a volunteer on the KESR it will be interesting to see which railway achieves there goal of reaching an important station first.

I wish you all good fortune and a power to all your arms.