Thursday 17 July 2014

Wednesday 16th July 2014 - Footbridge Renovation at Wishaw

Jim H has been away for   a few weeks  R & R but is now back to continue with the footbridge renovation at Wishaw. Here is Jim's report:-


Having been away from Wishaw for several weeks it was good to get back there today and meet up with Roger J, Ray, Peter Q and Ian.  The weather remained fine but it was surprisingly breezy when working in the outer yard on the main span. There had also been a proliferation of 08 shunters taking place in recent weeks!!
 Shunter 08441 being pulled out of the workshop for a power wash
Fortunately the tarpaulins covering the staircase sections were still in place and were doing a good job protecting the woodwork beneath.  Roger managed to bail at least 100 gallons of rainwater off the top of the sheets in anticipation of needing to do the same again next week, if the anticipated showers arrive at the end of the week.
 Ian and Ray remove the last of the high level brackets
Peter Q concentrated initially on recovering the handrail brackets form the staircase sections.  The rusted in screws were a real challenge but he persevered and won through in the end.
 Installing the last tarpaulin on the main span
 Ray and I spent some time attempting to nut split some of the old and well rusted bolts securing the treads on the spare staircase.  Not easy when these are about a foot above your head.  In the end we gave up on this activity and Roger powered up the new generator and disc cutter with more success.
  Lifting the protective plywood flooring
 Later in the day we all worked on the main span in the outer windswept yard.  The last few high level brackets were removed, ropes were run along the roof supports and then tarpaulins installed and tied down.  Finally the plywood and non slip surface covering the walkway timbers were removed.  Hopefully on our next visit these can be removed and we will then be able to see the full extent of the rust on the main support beams.
Close of play with only the main floorboards left to remove

 Jim H.

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