Wednesday 16 July 2014

Wednesday 16th July 2014

 Well that was a great day! There were 20 volunteers on site, with several more visiting on specific missions. Its hard to describe the buzz that there is on site now, with the bridge repairs going on and the determined efforts of the volunteers to keep things moving along.

The finishing line is in sight for platform 1C. 20 m of  the level 3 corbelling was completed and 2/3 of the backing bricks. This was achieved by a well organized team, sticking at it all day.

One of the trickier parts is laying the wedge shaped bricks at the top of the ramp wall. It took the skill and patience of an experienced eye in Bob J to carry out this work. There is probably 2 days work left on the ramp, before corbelling can start.

What was a remarkable achievement, was finding the 30 coping slabs that are required to complete the 1C job hidden away on site!

 Richard came along with the Fairview lorry and gradually Roger and Terry sorted out the 30 usable slabs. These were stacked at the end of 1C ready for capping off the finished wall.

The other main task of the day was to continue to shift  bricks of the right size and colour along to the southern end of the site, ready to fill the platform gap across the front of the Signal Box.

 I'm not sure how many  loads were taken down by Jo on the dumper, but for each one Dave, Brian and Ian had to trudge the length of the site to unload the bricks at the other end!

Other tasks today? Vic drew the short straw to get the weed control spray  gun going and and keep the platform surfaces free.

Also the return trip of the dumper brought many bags of green rubbish up to a bonfire at the northern end. The size of the bonfire pile had been gradually increasing over the weeks and the dry weather made it ideal for setting alight.

Lastly for now,  Marguerite's Shed has been a bit quiet with all the bridge work going on. There is absolute free access up the drive so please don't let the noise and activity put you off from visiting. Margurite and Doreen are there on Saturdays, and Julie and Doreen there on Wednesdays. Please note that the Broadway Area Group have to find a least one third of the funds  required to keep the Station Project going. The hard working volunteers are doing their best - please help  our fund raising in whatever way you can.

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