Sunday 20 July 2014

A Sunday Special!

 I don't recall anyone working on Sunday at Broadway before, but John C has some time constraints at the moment and is keen not to slow progress on the Signal Box. He had a useful work mate in Jo, who also sent me this report and pictures:

Hi Bill,

JC and I did ‘half a day’ on the box today, although I couldn't help noticing  that John started at 07.30 (!) and, leaving at 14.00, he in fact did most of a whole day. John will email you a short report separately. On one of the pictures you can see from the colour of the mortar that 5 rows were laid recently. All round, the reds are up to joist level, with just a bit of backing up front and back left to do before they can go in.

I made a few mixes and generally backed John up. During an idle hour, I dug up a few more shards, and can report that I have most of the constituent parts to a little coffee cup. Just one more bit to go ! Shares in Superglue manufacturers are rising….

As you can see, the brickwork is now so high that it is difficult to lay another row, without moving up to the next level of scaffolding. I counted 32 rows up from the rear damp proof course. Quite an achievement.

Best regards,



Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on commissioning some GWR replica china as a fundraiser?

Billy Morris said...

Brilliant idea, instead of 'return to Paddington' they could say 'return to Toddington' I had to read it twice as I thought that's what it said anyway!