Monday 21 July 2014

Monday 21st July 2014 - Tree Surgery

For some time we have realised that the Corsican Pines  to the right of the Driveway were not going survive unless we sorted them out with some careful tree surgery . We took advice from  a professional arborist and based on  his  recommendations we requested the TPO's on 6 trees be lifted.  This was granted by the Tree Protection Officer at Wychavon DC.

 Today was the day for implementing the recommendations. In summary there were 3 trees ( 2 pine and a larch) that were too close to, and taking the light from the larger trees, and 3 that were in imminent danger of falling on their own accord.
Start of Day

The Acrobatic challenges

The end results..... 

A great Job by Vale Forestry


Dazza said...

Is there any wood left that I could have for firewood in return for a donation to BAG or did the tree surgeon took the trees away to sell for firewood?

Anonymous said...

It's all been shredded my friend. have a look at the pictures.