Saturday 19 July 2014

Saturday 19th July 2014

There was a great turnout today, despite a dodgy weather forecast. There were 16 of us who signed on, and who made brave efforts to pretend it wasn't raining. However at 2.45 a real corker of  a thunderstorm unleashed itself and that was the end of play for the day!

Some valiant efforts were made on the Signal box by JC, Bob W, Paul and Tony. These resulted in two further courses going on the rear wall and the inner front slots for the joists were completed.

 JC hopes, with fair weather conditions, he can get a further two courses on the rear wall tomorrow.

At the norther end some brick laying  was achieved, mainly backing up the corbelling bricks. I'm afraid an awful lot of time was spent seeking shelter as this picture shows.

 Idle minds concoct  strange types of amusements! I forget what the kids game is akin to this - somebody will tell me, I'm sure.  These bricks are heading for the gap in the platform wall by the signal box.

When that game was over, there is always hide and seek. I'm not sure Vic has mastered this one, in that yellow water proof.

There is lots happening over the coming days - stay tuned!

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Jo said...

''Idle minds concoct strange types of amusements''

We were trying to dismantle a pallet of blue seconds, without it falling apart and crashing to the ground.
Put this one down as a partial success - but fun was had.