Wednesday 4 June 2014

GWSR AGM 26th June 2014

GWSR - A  Heritage Railway
 for this generation and the next...
If you are a shareholder in the GWSR you will have received your invitation to the AGM on the 26th June, 2014. You will notice that this year there are 5 Board positions open for election. There are 8 proposed candidates.

 The existing board have made their preferences clear with the double asterisks (**). I am not sure how ethical this is, but nevertheless, I offer myself for election on the following basis:-

1. The successful opening of  Broadway Station is fundamental to the success of the GWSR. I have spent the last 5 years, latterly as the Broadway Area Group Chairman, steering the efforts of the Broadway Volunteers towards this goal.  I am utterly committed to making Broadway Station a success.  As the Project moves into its final critical stages, it is imperative that the GWSR Board is accessible to the Project for the prompt resolution of issues. There can be no better way of ensuring this happens than to have the Broadway Area Group Chairman on the Board. It will be a privilege to  also continue with my duties as the BAG Chairman.

2. The GWSR is wholly dependent on its Volunteers. Over recent years, there has been a good deal of mutual mistrust between the Boardroom and the Volunteers.   If the Railway is to be successful long term, I feel there is a fundamental need for this to change.  In order to take advantage of the wealth of experience within the volunteer workforce, it is imperative that the Board takes the volunteers into its confidence, improves communications, and empowers heads of departments and senior volunteers, to work together, with the Directors, on behalf of our great Railway.

I wish all the candidates for election well, on the 26th June 2014.

Bill Britton


Anonymous said...

yes, I thought the double asterisks were very strange

HowardGWR said...

Aside from the election, I was saddened as a shareholder to receive the apologetic letter about the mess up in this thing. I don't know how many shareholders there are but if each apology letter cost 60p, (say), then the value of my entire share purchase contribution was wiped out by this error and that of many others. Very sad indeed.
Still, onwards and upwards, these things happen I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I am very confused by the form. Can you put the x's where there are no circles?

Jim H said...

I believe the circles are to prevent votes for directors being placed in the against and abstain columns. So a x in the first column is what they are looking for when voting for a director, whereas on the other issues you can vote for, against or abstain.
Simples yeah!!

Anonymous said...

So you can only put one x for but five against?

Anonymous said...

Have no fear Bill, you are a five asterisk candidate in most working shareholders eyes.
Best Regards

Unknown said...

Bill, i have no knowledge of the working's of the GWR Board, but considering all the effort you have put in (ably assisted by the rest of your gang) to make Broadway the success it is and will be, you should walk it on to the Board,

Keep up the great work and the brilliant blog

Roger said...

Hi Bill,
Since you have put this into the public domain I feel it fair to offer a comment.

I am very happy indeed with the way you lead the BAG, get things done and communicate superbly. But it is not the case that every, or even the majority, of volunteers, feel that there has been a serious lack of trust or communication. We are blest with many excellent blog and picture sites. Their concern therefore is that a change will mean a vocal section pushing their agenda and the many happy volunteers becoming the many unhappy volunteers. The silent volunteers need to be kept on-board as well. Stressing past problems risks alienating them. We have many excellent and able volunteers and we all want our brilliant railway to prosper. I hope all candidates consider all shades of opinion and avoid too narrow an outlook.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Well said. All directors needs to have the interest of the whole railway in mind, and not just be interested in promoting their own project..

Anonymous said...

What Roger said appears a load of tosh. Is he fearing that the BAG will take over the GWSR because of the activities done by it's volunteers not only at Broadway.The fact is that what Bill Britain has done he deserves a knighthood but a place on the board to cement the activities at Broadway are more than recognised. Remember, Broadway is an extension to the railway, and an important part also so an additional member on the board should be provided to allow for the extension work to be fully discussed at board level by the man on the spot.

Anonymous said...

very interesting. very.

Anonymous said...

I am watching from afar.

I am determined to place a Y where it means something, as both chromosomes should be represented.
shazbot nanu nanu

Anonymous said...

Who is Bill Britton and does he realise that the railway extends beyond the limits of Broadway station? Surely his prospectus demonstrates clear intent of a conflict of interest between the wider needs of the GWSR and the more focused issues of Broadway. The plc should not be used as a vehicle on which to mount ones personal objectives, which is exactly why Mr Britton should NOT be elected.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure it is at all ethical for the board to try and influence the vote.

Anonymous said...

I'm bemused, why has the current board come about this? It has been stated on many occasions when the board are critised that we are all volunteers together, yet this board have deemed it fit to discrimate against fellow volunteers with the **selection** process, why and more to point how?!

The first real election to the GWSR for some time, no chance of the "normal" co-option route, are "they who want to manage something" running scared?

Anonymous said...

According to main principle B.2 of the UK Corporate Governance Code, there should be ‘a formal, rigorous and transparent procedure’ for the appointment of new directors. In other words, the days of putting your chums from the golf club on the board are long over.

So did the "preferred" 5 candidates get elected? If so the process would appear suspect and in contravention of the main principle B.2.

If not, then democratic principles appear to have been upheld.

On another note, has anyone noticed that in 2013 the Boardroom Blog managed 182 posts, whilst in the half year to date there has been a meagre 31?

Here's hoping that the newly assembled Board demonstrate greater motivation and commitment to communicate on all aspects of this outstanding heritage railway.