Wednesday 4 June 2014

Wednesday 4th June 2014 - What a Wet One!

 I'm not sure where flaming June has gone, but it was certainly a wet one today! Eight brave souls came along to do their bit, but most of the traditional construction work was pretty much impossible.

One Man and his trowel
 On the bricklaying front Peter Q managed a course of  bricks on Platform 1C. Heavy rain then really stopped play!

Not something to catch your fingers in!

On Platform 2B Rod, Terry and Dave did their best to find suitable infill.   Their efforts include smashing broken coping stones - not the easiest job in the world!

Brian setting to with the loppers...

Down on the Driveway Jo and Brian continued the clearance work along the eastern boundary.

 The end result was really quite pleasing. After lunch the heavens opened and everyone wisely called it a day.

Some Signal Box Bricklaying will go on tomorrow and Friday - the weather forecast is for brighter weather!

On his way home Jo snapped this shot of a recent lorry strike on the Willersley Bridge. This bridge  is not yet in our territory. Lorry strikes are really a nightmare for the railway - always expensive to repair and often the culprit escapes.

An update on our bridge repairs - Bridge 5 (Little Bucklands) has started and Bridge 1, the Evesham Road Bridge will start a week on Monday(16th June). Brilliant!


HowardGWR said...

Looking with Street View it looks as though this strike must have dislodged the brickwork, as it was clean previously. Mind you, if you look at the other side, now that's a strike! :-(

Anonymous said...

I understand that the railway was negotiating with Sustrans for the section of trackbed etc from Broadway to Honeybourne.

I hope that the culprit for this strike has been found, otherwise unless Sustrans pay for these repairs, we could be taking on quite a liability here.

Unknown said...

That strike was last year -

Unknown said...

Should have said 2012