Thursday 5 June 2014

A Thursday Special!

 A small but beautifully formed gang of 5 went to Broadway today to try and recover some of the lost ground from yesterday. Here is Jo's Report:-

Hi Bill,

A lovely sunny day at Broadway today, and a great chance to get some serious brick laying done. John C took the initiative, and 4 others managed to get time off to join him.

John’s mission today was to get the north gable end of the signal box up to the same height as the platform side, which he did but for 3 bricks, when he ran out of mortar. He built up the NW corner and put 7 rows of reds on the N gable end.

Six lintels were delivered yesterday, and these were placed around the box in readiness for laying in a couple of days. Five for the locking room windows; one for the locking room door. John was helped for most of the day by Paul, Mr. Magic Mix.

At the other end of the site Clive spent a happy day laying a total of 4 courses of blues on 1C. Steve B and I helped him by sourcing and stacking a mixture of Mythe and Avonmouth blues, as well as bringing barrows of mortar from John’s mixer.

I put a coat of undercoat on the two GWR lamp posts, and spent an hour digging for GWR china by the goods shed, with success. I got a record haul today, including a nearly complete 1920s period GWR saucer, with emblem.

Attached some pictures of the activities in the sun today.

See you on Saturday,
Best regards,


mack said...

First visit to the railway gala weekend. Drove to broadway Monday from Toddington and took some pics. Gutted no one was their as I wanted to take a closer look and chat to u guys....

mack said...

I'm so grateful to the early pioneers who managed to save that line for future generations to enjoy, and to those who work so hard to make it all happen on days like the gala weekend. There were a few things I noticed positive and negative... The staff were amazing, really helpful, friendly and enthusiastic, the station at gotherington was fun, and the staff there opened up the station which was a time capsule gem :). The toilets at winchcome...SOOO bland. How about a old railway travel poster advertising on the wall in a frame.. anything to make it less.. well, less like my 10p sausage between 2 small pieces of dry bread I got at Toddington for £2.50 with not even any onions

mack said...

It's such a fun day out, especially on a gala weekend going up n down the line all day and wandering between those beautiful corridor coaches. The on train catering was great.. I spent 20 quid their, I noticed it wasn't on the third rake and I asked, and the lady said there wasn't enough staff to man it (or woman it). Seemed a shame as I'm sure it could be a good earner for the railway.