Wednesday 26 February 2014

Wednesday 26th February 2014 Part 1

Well the Broadway Area Group Volunteers were neatly split into two today - 10 volunteers on site at Broadway and 10 down at Avonmouth on  the first day of reclaiming bricks from the old turntable pit.

At Broadway, work was split between work on  the Signal Box, brick cleaning, and clearing and burning the debris on the northern embankment.

Here JC is continuing the laying of the rear plinth headers. These are reclaimed imperial bricks, probably from the Goods Office at Winchcombe (we have several slightly different types "in stock" and I'm not sure of the source!).

At the southern end of the rear wall Bob W was putting up a corner ready to run the plinth headers northwards.
.Progress on the Signal Box is happening at a steady pace. It is gradually "growing out of the ground". The steel beams for the front access will be delivered next Wednesday.

At the northern end of the site a good bonfire was in order to clear the debris recently cleared from the north west embankment. Here Peter, Gord, Mike and Clive cut the branches into burnable chunks.

The brick cleaning gang were also out in force today, the Springlike sunshine making the job just a little more palatable!

Finally Roger B was pointing up the coping slabs laid last week. Its not time for the white line treatment just yet, but it's not far off.

The ladies were open for bricabrac business today. I defy anyone not to find something worth buying -  the homemade marmalade is a popular seller. Now that Spring is here why not come along  and pay the ladies a visit and see our progress at the same time.

And talking of Spring, the primroses that were rescued last year have started to bloom on the platform 2 embankment. A real spirit lifter!


Billy Morris said...

Amazing work as ever guys!

Anonymous said...

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