Wednesday 8 January 2014

8th January 2014 and a Day to set the Standard for the rest of the Year!

A great turn out today - 21 Volunteers and all fired up ready to make some real progress. The weather was pretty kind today - just a few squalls towards the end of the day.

Work continued clearing the ditch down in the car park. The volume of water flowing had  created a bottleneck of rubbish damming up the drain at the Childswickham Road end. Rod and Terry, with some extra assistance from Brian spent the day removing as much of the overgrowth and debris as could be safely reached. They were rewarded with sufficient materials to start a bonfire in the afternoon. This is a miserable job at the best of times, but they always seem to trudge back  to site smiling! I am going to have to persuade Jo to bring his bike in so that he can get some more photos of the action.

 A later extra from Rod:-
Sorry Bill meant to send this earlier for your info, taken at end of day. We managed to get the rubbish out and clear another stretch, you'll notice the gate is now looking a lot closer. 

See you next week, cheers Rod Sent from my Xperia™ smartphone

The main thrust of the volunteers efforts was bricklaying on Platform 2B. It was divided into 6 working area, and by the end of the day, two full courses had been laid along the whole length. The setting out for the corbelling  was also completed.

In the background you can see the further clearance work that Brian has completed( the blue sky in evidence here!)

Viewed from the northern end, looking south, the bricklayers didn't have need of the shelter, which has held together remarkable well considering all of the gales we have had.

Finally a panorama from the cleared embankment looking southwards. Rain is on the horizon.

Brick cleaning continued unabated. Here Chris Helm is cleaning more blue plinth headers, destined for the signal box base. I would like to emphasize that we will always use reclaimed materials wherever we can. You can see the variety of specials we have "in Stock"

Down at the southern end,  work is progressing steadily on the Signal Box. Great care is being taken to ensure the initial courses of bricks are laid perfectly. To the layman, progress might seem slow, but attention to detail is everything at this stage, and  will pay dividends throughout the rest of the build.

Nevertheless, by the end of play, 5 courses of blues had been laid  on the southern gable end, all ready for the plinth headers to be laid next. There was a good deal of excitement at the prospect!

The Glums -  no, but we do take things seriously!

We had a productive visit from Malcolm Walker (S&T)and Neil Carr (Operations), who brought their checklist of dimensions, and  details required to fit the equipment in the Signal Box. The photo on the right shows how the camera can lie! We were all happy bunnies, believe it or not!

So much so that we discussed the the early installation of a bracket signal post for the starter signal on Platform 2A. Although the installation is not a budgeted item this year, if you would be interested in sponsoring the work (with due acknowledgment) please let me know.

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