Friday 10 January 2014

Starter Signal on Platform 2A

I mentioned in my previous post that some consideration is being given to the  early mounting of a Bracket Signal (No.18 on diag. below) to the southern end Platform 2A. I was eager to follow this up and Jo offered to go over to Winchcombe and have a chat to Malcolm Walker  (Signal and Telegraph) about signals and Signal Box mechanics generally. Jo returned with his usual booty of interesting photos.
 Drawing of the bracket signal. To the right the outline of the box, to the left, the gauge profile. The actual location of the signal is at the end of platform 2, southern side. It will be either at the foot of the ramp, or perhaps half way up it

The bracket (? Not sure of the exact name here) of the bracket signal. In the foreground, the diagonal brace and a hoop.
the posts for the two dollies (small signals on the bracket)
The post for the signal
 Layout of the lever frame within the box
The latest signalling plan (Dec 2013)
Frame to display the diagram, to be mounted above the levers. This is an original that has been refurbished, and comes from Honeybourne West loop box.
Thanks to Malcolm Walker for his time and to Jo for his research and photos.  As  I said in my previous post the installation is not a budgeted item this year, but if you are interested in sponsoring the work (with due acknowledgement) then let me know.


Anonymous said...

How much needs to be raised to allow the signal project to proceed?


Bill said...

Hi Nigel,
I am getting a quote to put a footing in, but I guess the whole job might be £500.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good idea, small and doable, yet a very obvious object, as opposed to a slab for instance (not that they aren't important, but signal brackets are a little more interesting!) This small thing will really make the site come alive!

Alex said...

looking at the signal plan, is there any particular reason for the two crossovers south (right) of the station, as opposed to just one.
And is it roughly to scale, thinking about the length of the sidings and double track compared to the platforms

Jo said...

Alex, I think you need to mosey on over to S&T and chew the fat - it's no distance for you. I only took the picture...

Anonymous said...

To Alex, distances in yards from signal box are shown at bottom of signalling plan.

Anonymous said...

The two crossovers south of station look to me to form a passing loop, allowing an incoming train to be passed by a departing one.

Alex said...

Yeah I got that bit, was wondering why there was 3 crossovers, as opposed to the necessary 2, maybe it's so S&T can have more fun! thanks for pointing out the measurements are the bottom, missed them :/

Unknown said...

Hello Bill, great to see the proposed signal for Broadway.
Can i as, on the signalling diagram are signals 24, 40 & 41 on posts or are they located on an over track gantry?
keep up the fantastic work

Anonymous said...

Why the need for the second loop? Looks like S&T have a bottomless 'funding' pit as you've more signals than clapham junction