Saturday 4 January 2014

Saturday 4th January 2014 - Back to Normal - Almost!

10 Volunteers turned out today,  looking to work off the Christmas excesses. Unfortunately the weather just wasn't playing ball - it ranged from wet to very wet, with just the odd 5 minute dry spell in between. The plan was to crack on with some bricklaying and the weather made this almost impossible - but not quite!

Water, water everywhere....
Not to be beaten , a make shift shelter (something akin to an Apache Wigwam) was erected to cover a corner of  brickwork on the Signal Box. This allowed the corner to be built.
13" wall under construction

It was a struggle to keep the dampness out of the mortar, even with the shelter. Consequently only one corner was tackled. Nevertheless its one less to do!

A layer of track ballast was laid around the signal box foundations to  keep the bricklayers feet dry. Several dumper loads were required which then had to be barrowed around the footing perimeter.

The Good, the Bad and the ugly - in no particular order!

We had visit from Ron Brizlin, Andy Protherough and one of their chums (sorry I didn't catch the name) from the Building Services, who were inspecting the drains around the bridges. Andy and the rest of the team have been doing a tremendous job of drain and gully clearance around the railway - absolutely essential work when you see the damage that can be done in times of torrential rain. We took time out to make sure the track drains and car park gully were flowing freely. The only blockage was in the drains under the Evesham Road Bridge, which we have reported twice to Highways, without any action being taken .Andy managed to clear it and we'll be sending the bill in to Wychavon!

Other jobs for the day included a calculation of the number of bricks required to fill the gaps in the platform walls - about 9000. Keep looking folks!
Dave and I measure , Ron T/Jim H did the arithmetic!

Worked continued in other areas - Vic on the landscaping - John B(who could have done with his sloop...) sealing leaks in the Shed.

John, just dismounted from the 4:30 at Cheltenham.....
Finally there were many, quick dives into the mess hut for a reviving cuppa when the heavens really opened up..

Here Jo neatly caught JC with his hard hat firmly in place, chin strap on... John had to buy a job lot of chin straps, and because of some Scots in his ancestry he is now doing his best to recover the cost. Rumour has it that he wears the HH to bed for a quick start in the morning.....

John... We couldn't do any of it without you.....


Alex said...

Does this mean the gaps will be filled in soon, or just because it was something that could be done in the rain?

I love the little tent so you could lay the bricks on the signal box, brilliant idea!

Bill said...

Filling in time, not the gaps....

Perry said...

The dedication to build whatever the weather is intense & greatly admired. Keep yer Wickiup!,_Edward_Curtis,_1903.jpg