Thursday 4 April 2013

A Thursday Special! - Platform 2 Footings

As you may have gathered we implemented the plan to dig the next 50 m of Platform 2 footings. Today was trench digging - tomorrow will be concrete pouring. Jo will, I'm sure, have some photos and a narrative for the day, but in the meantime a couple long range shots.
The finished trench on the left

Jo in his bank robber outfit endeavouring to keep the cold out!

The four die-hards concerned, Jo, Clive, Graham and Steve the Digger deserve medals for pressing on and getting the job done in such bitterly cold weather. I owe them all several pints!

Jo's photos from the day:


Anonymous said...

Any news on the signal box footings yet?
Kind regards gavin.

Bill said...

I'm afraid not!

Anonymous said...

Is it a money issue? Or is it a not sure 100% of design of the box?

Bill said...

Planning approval is being sought because we are moving the position of the box.