Wednesday 3 April 2013

Wednesday 3rd April 2013 - The Lads defy the elements and make some serious progress!

Stacked on the lorry
There were 14 volunteers on site today, determined not to let the weather hold us up any longer. Roger Brindley and  a team of 5 set about laying the  recently sponsored coping slabs on the Platform 2 wall. The icy blast coming down the track bed did not slow things down.  The most audible noise was Fairview Richard's chattering teeth.

Laid on with precision

The first slab is always the trickiest, thereafter steady progress was made. Five hours later and Platform 2  has 20 slabs and is looking great.

The end is in sight!

Further south work continued at fencing the trackbed. Here Gord, Jim and Roger J sort the gate out. Dave B. spent the day sorting out appropriate signs to keep walkers on the straight and narrow.

Back at the north end our band of brick and lamppost cleaners continued their work.

Jo whilst diving out to take photos, continued to sort out the flower beds adjacent to the car park.
Here he appears to buried up to the hard hat.

Thanks to everyone who turned out today.

There will be more work on Thursday and Friday - here is the clue!

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