Monday 4 March 2013

Monday Brick Laying - 4th March 2013

I think I have mentioned our plan to start a regular brick laying session on Mondays, Well today it started in earnest! Here is Tony's report and Paul's pictures.

Tony in action
Hi Bill, here is today's update. Photos to come via Paul. The Monday Special was manned today by Clive, Roger B, Steve, Paul and myself.
Current work on platform 2 is now complete to corbelling height. Second course of corbelling added to the first section and half the remainder has now got the first course.
Warm and sunny day helped keep the energy levels up.

Roger the Corbeller

Tools of the trade in action!

The next step is to get the corbelling finished and the coping slabs on. We can then plan the next stage of the platform going northwards.

If you, our generous supporters would like to help the cause by sponsoring a slab, I and the rest of the team would be most grateful. The brick laying team have worked wonders during the winter months, but we have not had similar opportunities to fund raise. I know many of you have dug deep before, but if you can sponsor 1 slab the cost is £20.20 paid through the donate button. For interest our cost for the next section of platform footings is £8000. Any contribution is therefore a valuable contribution.Thank you!


Anonymous said...

How much more platform (length) can you build with your current supply of blue bricks, assuming that the foundation is in place?


Bill said...

Approximately 25 m. We are heavily dependant on getting a brick supply from the Mythe embankment bridges.

Garry said...

Still some reds and 'blues' left here in Taunton if you want them. Not as many as hoped for but probably about 10m worth, although you will need to be fairly quick as the site is due for handover to another client in the next few weeks.

Great to see the excellent progress though.