Tuesday 5 March 2013

A Tuesday Special!

Today was set aside to complete the cutting back of the Platform 2 embankment ready for the next 50 m of foundations to go in. Steve Warren (JCB) and Jo Roesen (Dumper)  worked together to complete the job which was finished by the end of the day. A remarkable job considering the amount of spoil that was shifted. Here is Jo's report :-

What a lovely hot day- yet at the start I had to scrape the ice off the seat of the dumper !

We completely finished the space for the platform 2B footings. Steve also took some spoil off the top near the waiting room, but felt that the rest was too far to reach for his JCB – this should be done from above, on another occasion, he feels. We had an hour left at the end of the day, and as you suggested, devoted this to removing some spoil off the shoulder of the embankment south of the bridge.
I took most of the spoil to the southern car park area, which is now sufficiently full that it would soon merit the attention of the Drott or similar to level it. There wasn’t really enough room for spoil within the embankment, although Steve did put some there with the JCB whenever an opportunity arose.
We took out one (lower) footbridge base, but not the other. You spoke to Steve about the other. It is quite a deep cube of concrete, with a cast iron element all the way through it. Two of the upper leg bases were removed; these were more flimsy and came away easily.
Clearing the excess from the top of the embankment
The southern end of the car park (Mid-day)

A footbridge footing comes out
A great optical illusion!
At the end of the day!
Job Done - Fantastic!!

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