Monday 28 January 2013

A Monday Special!

Four of the  Likely Lads!
Bob White offered to muster a Bricklaying Team for today, on the basis the weather forecast didn't look too bad!  The idea being to catch up with ourselves on the platform building front.Well despite the weather not being perfect, 6  Volunteers turned up and had a really successful day.

Here is Jo's Report:

The result was +/- one extra layer of bricks laid along the length of platform 2. The first layer of corbelling was back filled, and the second layer of corbelling added. Bob J started off the next section, with a complete row laid up to the mid point of the next section. Doesn’t sound like much, but it kept us busy from 9 to 3, and even dry !

It was a good day's work by anyone's standards and full of good humour and camaraderie - the cornerstone of   a successful team.

Jo also provided a great set of "people" shots which are always my favourite.


Rodger Nagle said...

Watching from afar (Melbourne) I am constantly amazed at the dedication of the Broadway group and incredible progress on such a huge task. Teamwork is really demonstrated across the whole of the GWSR continually achieveing and overcoming difficulties.
I'll be back in the UK in June and whilst I'm looking forward to a ride on the line I will certainly visit Broadway station.

Bill said...

We will look forward to seeing you! Bill