Wednesday 4 July 2012

Wednesday 4th July 2012 Back to 1B

As there was some uncertainty about the weather today, significant bricklaying on 2A was put to one side and 2 other projects were tackled. 18 troops were present and correct.

As the Broadway Site moves into proper construction mode it is not possible to invite the public onto the track-bed now. However, we have survived because of our enthusiastic supporters so we have built a makeshift viewing platform opposite the  proposed signal box for public viewing. I have to say that the lads have made a brilliant job of it. Another days work should see it finished, so please come along and road test it for us! Here are the happy band who built it, minus John Crawford who was absent today because his wife is unwell. We wish her a speedy recovery.

At the other end of the site Platform 1B has had some attention, now that half of the coping slabs have been laid. The action involve re profiling the bank behind the platform, loading ballast in and rolling; and finally putting the lamppost sockets in and interconnecting ducting. This was a slog of a job but it  really looks the business - only another 20m to go!

 As the weather turned brighter Roger managed to get a set of backing bricks laid and a quarter length of corbelling. I think we will try and get some original Broadway coping slabs laid here.

On other fronts brick cleaning continues and although everyone does there bit I have to commend Ron Dobson for his tenacity at cleaning the Wisley bricks. I am sure there are other things he feels he could be doing but he keeps going, fair wind or foul.

We had contractor in today to assess the requirements for the Signal Box piling, ring beam and floor slab. I shall make sure I'm sitting down when the costings come in.

I am away on Saturday so won't be able to post until Sunday.


Don Hunt said...

Boss, I've got a pile of back issues of Steam Railway mag -- about three years' worth. Would Marguerite like them at the shed to sell on for whatever she could get?

Bill said...

Hi Don,
It seems a shame but back issues of magazines don't sell at all. I appreciate the thought but we'll have to pass on your kind offer.

Anonymous said...

That viewing platform looks very dodgy to me it looks a bit of a bodge. There does not appear to be a tactile surface,the fencing is open and a person could slip through it. I think you are leaving yourselves open to litigation if there is a visitor accident. I hope you have carried out the appropriate Risk Assessments & a suitable safety case was obtained plus you got the necessary official approvals before building the structure.

Bill said...

It might be better to see the finished article before criticizing too much. When its finished, please come along and introduce yourself and then point out any points of weakness you may find and, if valid I will endevour to put them right.

Anonymous said...

Omg.. The previous anonymous blogger was a bit critical !!
I've followed this from the start, I dearly wish I lived closer as I'm a builder by trade and love steam! .. I'd be their every weekend.. As it is I just have to offer support from my armchair being 100 miles away.
Looks like things are ramping up a bit now, those period architectural antique lamposts r gonna look the business :).. Pat on the back for the phone box restorer ;)

Anonymous said...

Is anyone at the GWSR targetting the Olympics tourist market by leafletting London? I know this is the Broadway station site, but has anyone asked?