Tuesday 12 June 2012

A Tuesday Special!

An elite Team set out on a mission today to infill front and back of Platform 2A, to shift the tool container and to level the track bed northwards of the mess hut. I was unable to attend today and here is Jo's report and excellent photos.

Hi Bill,
The day was a great success, and we achieved all 3 aims -
- Back fill against 2A, where 12ins of ballast were laid both front and back,
- Move the container to a new location next to platform 1, and
- Level out the trackbed between the tea hut and Springfield Lane bridge.
Steve was with us all day, and did a splendid job. The ballast still needs rolling.
Volunteer attendants were Tony, Peter Hickox, Roger the Corbeller and yours truly. Tony and Peter shovelled ballast all day which was very tiring, while Roger and I drove around on the two dumpers, earning mere 'blisters on our bottoms', as one was heard to remark. The change in the area around 2A is remarkable, the more so as it was done by only 4 volunteers and Steve in the JCB. (Hear Hear)

I took two videos of the work:
Roger with a load of fill:  http://youtu.be/AR8h0k4iXnA  and
Moving the container : http://youtu.be/dUDEAMIFaGQ
Kind regards,

Thanks everyone who worked so hard today. Shovelling and raking ballast is not for the faint hearted. There will be some sore backs tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Well done lads! I'm sorry I couldn't be with you on Tuesday to help.