Wednesday 13 June 2012

Wednesday 13th June 2012 and the Welcome Return of the Worcester College Students

Yes, the lads are back and swelled the total number of Volunteers on site today to 22. I was so pleased to see Martyn and the lads back, working away on Platform 2A.
Their efforts today saw the 2A sub corbelling  level finished off, ready to start corbelling next week They are with us for the next 3 weeks and then returning for the Autumn Term. We have started discussions with the college about a partnership extending into next year and broadening the on the job experience to other trades. It's a win win as far as I am concerned and long may it continue.

At the other end of the site Roger Tony and Rod were (with Fairview Richards help!) laying some more coping slabs. The end always seems the same distance away but I'm sure they will get there. Incidentally we desperately need some more slab sponsors. If you can help the forms can be downloaded from

The real find of the day came when Gord, Dave and Jo moved along the embankment northwards and discovered some real treasure! At least six coping slabs were unearthed and moved to the bottom of the bank and another 3 exposed. Just when there had been enough excitement for one day, one of the original platform  footbridge columns appeared.  We will rescue it and go looking for its twin!

I know I sound like a terrible anorak but its finds like these that allow heritage railways to preserve what has gone before.

Finally thanks to all the brick cleaners today - I will have to run a special on you and all your efforts - Also to Hillary Roesen who manned Marguerite's Shed all day.

The post (pillar) uncovered in situ at Stroud Station which has the same design as the Broadway  footbridge.


Anonymous said...

I know you waqnt sponsors for the slabs but perhaps you should dedicate one the Worcester College Lads for all there efforts

Bill said...

A good thought and I will follow it up

nigelss said...

Peter and Bill, Apologies for asking but I do not understand Peter's comment. Please can you clarify.


Bill said...

Sorry I didn't put the drawing on - it got wiped!

Peter is referring to the fact that the coping slabs are normally sponsored for £20 but in the case of the Students we would be pleased to give them a slab certificate for their efforts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the bad typing!!