Saturday 5 November 2011

Saturday 5th November 2011

Some days I come away from Broadway feeling totally elated and today was one of those days. For those who are contemplating joining us I would encourage you to sign up and join our happy band -  you will not be disappointed. Today the whole site was buzzing - 12 volunteers working flat out - but all as happy as Larry.

We had yet another days bricklaying donated by Marcus Taylor and together with Bob White, our master bricklayer, and a first class support team, last of the  vertical courses of 1A were finished. In addition  5 metres of corbelling were also completed.
The North end of 1A completed up to the corbelling

Marcus and Bob giving a master class in corbelling:
Work continues on the restoration of the Lamp Huts. John and Ken spent the day re cladding Lamp Hut No. 2 with corrugated sheet.
Angle Grinder (and Ken) in Action
Nearly half way - brilliant!
And just in case you think the lamp hut action is nearly over, there is another "6'x6' beauty" coming from Long Marston next week !

As  we worked on site today a steady plume of smoke  rose from the car park were a team (Dave, Vic and Stuart) were working to clear back the undergrowth covering the culvert by the Evesham Road Bridge. It's the first serious bonfire we have had this season and quite appropriate for November 5th.

Smoke Signals from the Car Park
What you can't see in the photo is Keith Gurr down in the ditch beyond the trees. Keith has been mounting a one man campaign to clear the ditch from the Evesham Road to Childswickham Road. This is masochism on a grand scale! This applies also to Chris and David who work relentlessly on brick cleaning.

Peter cleaning the tools!

A mention also for one of my 2009er colleagues, Peter Hickox, who cheers me up with his gentle manner and his ability to turn his hand to the most arduous or mundane job and still come back for more!

Thanks to Marguerite who now has an Aladdin's Cave of interesting Bric a Brac and it's well worth a visit. We still have some raffle tickets available for the Ian Gibson Water Colour. Please help our cause by purchasing at ticket.


Jim Boyles said...

Hi Bill and all,

I've noticed you haven't needed the timber corbelling supports on 1A that were needed on No.1! Presumably experience (and the help of Marcus and Bob) have contributed to this? Another days fantastic work. Congrats to you all....


Anonymous said...

Super job, guys. Given that this is a heritage project in dear old England must lengths be expressed in foreign units? What's wrong with our good old feet and inches?

Bill said...


Anonymous said...

brilliant photos along with a brilliant blog!

Anonymous said...

What's happened to the dates on the blog? Apparently you posted this one on Tuesday 5 November 2013.

Time flies when you're having fun?!

Jim Boyles said...

Agree with x; '; and "; (yards, feet and inches, for the unititiated!).
Especially as you are using imperial bricks!!!
I think most of us who visit the site are "of an age", in which we still think this way (anyway, I do!) and then have to do the conversion when buying modern building materials....

d lettey said...

in the foto of the lamp huts, are you planning to clad the hut on the left to match?

Bill said...

Yes work started on Saturday - they will be painted in GWR Dark Stone.

Ken said...

Bill. I think you missed the irony. I read it as to mean the Portaloo!

But perhaps, I'm wrong?

Either way, I found the contribution amusing.

Derek Lettey said...

yes ken, i meant the porta potti. it looks about the same size as a lamp hut so i was wondering, couldnt the two be blended to form a lamp hut loo. would look better than the bright plastic thing there is.

ps, glad someone picked up on what i was saying.

regards D