Thursday 3 November 2011

One of those Milestone Weeks and Highly Successful!

The Broadway Area Group decided to use their "rainy day" fund to build  Platform 1B, in order to finally solve the slipping embankment problem, adjacent to the B&B. This consists of building 42 metres of platform wall on a reinforced foundation. This week (Monday/Tuesday) we put the foundation in.

Here we see the very first bucket being pulled! The work proceeded well until we reached the side drains, which took some pulling out by conventional means.

On Monday we see the the drain extraction in progress:-

On Tuesday the concrete was poured and the rebars inserted.
The Pour

The Tamping

Smooth and level

Job done!
Today Gord rechecked the position of the planned wall and the position of the rebars. It got a thumbs up! The 12 members of the Wednesday Gang continued with the building of Platform 1A - its coming on a treat.
The end in sight! (Steve, Ken and Clive)
4 metres going on to the end of Platform 1
Roger and Bob bricklaying and Paul who got the medal of the day for keeping both teams going with muck!

Finally we recycled the concrete extracted from the old 1A foundations. Here Steve loads the wagon with the old granite concrete and as if by magic we have 40 tons of 75mm chippings.

 These ended up not being a suitable quality for the gabions but will do nicely for the infill of Platform 1A.

Here is young Steve Warren at the end of three very successful days. 


Anonymous said...

Wonderful progress Bill & excellent post. I notice you seem to upload in the dead of night often.
You are supposed to be retired, don't wear yourself out there is a long way to go!!

Bill said...

Thanks for the kind thought - I will pace myself!

richard said...

This all very excellent work by the Broadway Team. I read you blogs with great interest Bill thank you for taking the time posting it


Toddington Ted said...

I'm updating my presentation for next month again; I now have to include platform 1B work! Just awesome!