Sunday, 30 October 2011

Saturday 29th October 2011

Unfortunately  I was unable to attend on Saturday but 9 volunteers came to do their stuff and I have had feedback from Dave B  and John B as to the achievements of the day.

Photo courtesy of Andy P
The construction team pressed on with Platform 1A with Ron Briz leading the charge! As I said previously, it is very likely that the front wall of 1A will be finished by the end of November or thereabouts.

More bricks were recovered from the west embankment and we certainly have enough to finish 1A. However don't ever think that we have all we need - there is 1B and Platform 2 to consider!

More clearance work was completed in the car park. This is one of those jobs that you can spend a day at and not really see where you've  been. Nevertheless by the end of the Winter it will be a different story.

More to follow!


Jim Boyles said...

Hi Bill and all,
Re: Blue bricks: I'm just thinking that if you didn't find many of them when you first excavated platform 1 and found the foundations of the station building that they may have ALL been tipped on No. 2? Certainly, looking at the way that embankment has built up (it was originally level at platform surface, then falling away behind), I hope the brick retrieval on that side will find many, many more!

Anonymous said...

Is the plan to build both platforms 1 and 2 before even thinking of building any buildings (subject to planning permission being granted for the buildings)?

I'm a huge fan of the blog and check it every Wednesday and Saturday evening in hope of an update :-) I think you're all doing a brilliant job.

Best wishes,

Bill said...

Having completed 1A in its entirety we will complete 1B for embankment stability reasons and then review the options that will add most value to the project. We reach that review point in the Spring of 2012.
Thanks for your comments.

Unknown said...

Knowing how long planning permissions can take I think you need to consider drawing up and submitting plans now. Especially if you want to get building even by the middle of next year.

Ken said...

'Planning' talks are already way but, with this effectively being an unfamiliar Planning Authority, i.e. Wychavon, they perhaps may not be as helpful as the Glos based authorities.