Sunday 25 September 2011

We Press On!

We have a great momentum going now. 30 regular Volunteers turn out during the course of a month and  I feel we owe it to our supporters to keep our shoulder to the wheel and deliver the bests results we can.

Yesterday was just such  a day. The concentration was to clear the track bed for Platform 1B and to begin the work to stabilise the adjacent embankment.

 In order to do this our entire store of bricks had to be moved to the opposite side of the trackbed, beyond the mess hut. I didn't realise how much stuff we have accumulated over the past year. Here Steve Warren begins the task of skimming the ballast off the track bed and shoring up the wayward wall.

 In the foreground you can see the  mountain of palleted bricks that have been moved. No Small task. The objectives for the day were met, which included the removal of a large tree stump and everything is ready for marking out the footings of 1B.

Here is a pic of the 1B vista  mid afternoon and then by the end of the day.(Cheers Andy!)

On other fronts more brick recovery from the West embankment was achieved (I don't know where they're finding them!)

 Last but not least John Simms continue the work on restoring Lamp Hut No.2. Having removed all the surface rust, John is well on the way to completing a coat of red lead paint. Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

Please can you tell us what platform 1b is? I would also like to know how to view the movies. I just get a static image and no way to play them!


Bill said...

Platform 1B is the section of platform 1 to the north of the central platform already built. The movies are short clips that play in most browsers when you click the right pointer.

UKDarge said...

You cannot know how much pleasure it is to follow your progress we may not be able to be there to help but believe me we are with you in spirit , next stop main line connection at Honybourne

Bill said...

We are always heartened by such kind comments. Thank you!

Toddington Ted said...

I am putting together an illustrated presentation in December for my local railway society using some of the images from this blog (I hope you won't mind!) as well as my own photos. I thought I had put together a reasonable illustrated lecture of progress but you are pressing on so quickly that I'm having to update my presentation almost on a weekly basis - that's how quickly you folks are working! I guess by December I will be able to include some photos of Platform 1B being built! Broadway Station is a real morale booster for GWSR supporters, especially at the moment when there appears to be no very recent news about the Chicken Curve embankment repairs (not a criticism I would add, but an observation).

Bill said...

By all means use the BLOG pics - If there are some particular ones you want in a higher resolution, I may be able to help.

As far as 1B is concerned, we will go as far as we can before the money runs out! Our focus is on finishing off 1A in its entirety.

Toddington Ted said...

Bill, many thanks. I'll do my best to publicise the cause so that the money hopefully doesn't run out (at least I'll try!).