Wednesday 28 September 2011

And On!

Blessed with a beautiful sunny day and a fine crowd (yes I think 19 is a  crowd!) of Volunteers.
I was on site in the morning but was  faffing around and not able to take any pictures. My Front Line Correspondent Peter H filed the following report and took some great pictures at the end of the day. Thanks Peter.

With another excellent turnout today much was achieved in the very hot weather.

Ray & I completed the electrical work in the new hut. All tested ok.  In the afternoon Ray & I had a good clean up of the mess hut and tool cabin. Ray expects it to be in similar shape when he returns in January!

Gordon and Roger marked out the footings for !B - sorry I did not get a photo of the markers. All looks very good.

Ken, Clive & Terry did excellent work on the blues - looks very impressive now.

Steve B did wonders burning off the old paint on the lamp hut, how he worked in the heat using a blow lamp I will never know

The block gang finished the last section of blocks so all set for the blues throughout the length on 1A.


Last but not least the brick cleaning gang slogged way in the heat cleaning more bricks.

Some photos attached, the first showing David and new volunteer taking a well earned break in the shade - rest pretty well self explanatory.


Anonymous said...

Please define "faffing around" for those of us "across the pond", is that a track laying term? Are we going to see a static display of rail and wagons sometime soon? If so, then is a new fund raiser needed, I'll be glad to put up 50 pound towards that end.

Dave P

Bill said...

Just doing small jobs and getting in everyone's way!

The placement of some rolling stock is a sensitive issue at the moment and I will give you the green donation light when it's going to happen!

Anonymous said...

I think we would all love to see something sitting in the platform. For me it would be a MK1 to use as a shop/ cafe sitting area. Dont know how much that would cost to get there tho. As always this blog is great and im sure its getting people interested in the line and getting more Volunteers to help. You really deserve credit for doing your part for the railway. Gavin

Bill said...

Cheers Gavin!