Wednesday 21 September 2011

Wednesday 21st September - Another Record Turnout!

Thank you to all the volunteers that turned out today - 17 in total and the day was filled with hard work and camaraderie.

The Platform1A wall continues to be the priority focus for our construction team, and once more a just in time delivery of concrete blocks from Fairview saved the day. We have now virtually finished the layer of foundation block work and bricklaying efforts will be concentrated on the wall itself.
Ken kept the wall rising by laying the backing bricks for the next two courses - we are hoping that Marcus will be along on Saturday to finish off this section - Marcus I hope you're reading this!!!

We are now trying to get ahead of the game by doing the ground work for 1B (the Northern end of Platform 1). This is presenting us with a few challenges. The platform runs parallel to the old horse dock wall. The wall is now canted over because of back pressure from the embankment behind it. We have to urgently establish some new drainage holes to allow the free flow of water from the embankment. We are then going to reluctantly  build the old wall in as a composite structure with the platform. I don't like wasting these bricks but there is  no economic and robust alternative.

On other fronts the new "Broadway Shed" is having its finishing touches carried out before Marguerite takes up residence or starts renting it out. Chris Helm has done a great job on putting the finishing touches to it.

Again I would encourage you to come along to Marguerite's Bric a Brac stall on Saturday, if for no other reason than to see the progress being made with the 1A wall. I know I'm biased but it is very impressive!

Once more I am going home with a fist full of money from fund raising by the troops. I don't know how they do it, but, although modest in total, it keeps us going with sand and cement. I will add these funds to the thermometer on the our Website We still are some way off our target for 1A so if you have been hesitating to hit that donate button now's the time! Thank you to all the people who have donated money by whatever means. Our gratitude is equal whether it's £5 or £50.

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