Tuesday 20 September 2011

Back in the Blogging Saddle!

I received a fine set of photos from Andy Protherough just before I left with a promise to publish them when I returned. Here they are as delivered - I will put some detail around them as soon as I can!
 A view of the 46 lever frame for Broadway
Malcolm Walker assesses progress
 Aussie Colin removing years of rust from another lever.
Carl Smart & Colin prepare to install another lever.
 Comment from Ken:- I must say that it was extremely thoughtful
 to have a visit from Teresa Ceesay, NR Cotswold Line Station Manager
 (Sorry if I got the name incorrect), and her colleague.
She took the time to introduce herself to the various 'working groups'
 and spent a few minutes chatting
on pertinent issues.The visit was greatly
 Not just single bricks, but part walls!
A stack of blue bricks in the west embankment.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if its been asked before but where was the 46 lever fram before?

Great work and excellent blog keep it up.

Anonymous said...

looks like youve uncovered some original platform edging slabs

Andy Protherough said...

the lever frame originated from Aller Junction nr Newton Abbot. Unfortunately all the edging slabs are broken....

Anonymous said...

If the slabs are broken, then use them as edging for flowerbeds around the "Broadway Shed" or the storage container (to add a little color to the Grey) or anyplace else, add a sign and their story is published history.

Dave P.