Sunday 14 August 2011

Platform 1A Starts to take Shape

10 Volunteers turned out today to see Platform 1A begin to rise from the foundations. Following on from Wednesday's set up, the Construction Team set to at building the block piers that forms the  base courses for the platform wall. On 1A an 18" bonded construction is to be used, but using English bond as per the main platform. You won't be able to see the join! Unfortunately electrical power was shut down  to connect up the new line side cabinet and kiosk.   The cement mixer was the victim! Nevertheless good progress was made.

It  was good to see Steve Long back in action - he has been hor de combat for some time. As you can see he's been idle for too long - he will not get this year's rear of the year award.  Needless to say he did the job perfectly and we now have power to the new cabinet and to our sales kiosk. Cheers Steve!

On other fronts the final push was made to finish off the sleeper wall. A combination of P Way ,Fairview Trading and and a fair amount of huffing and puffing got the final sleepers in place. Here is the finished article which really looks the part. Of course when your knackered with lifting the sleepers they make a good  resting place!

Incidentally our new member Clive is the nearest thing we have to a JCB - obviously a 3 Wheetabix man.

Photo courtesy of Peter H
Whilst the power was off  efforts were transferred to other tidying up jobs - here is Peter H's work of art on an access chamber to the cross track services.

In summary an excellent day. we had many visitors to site, some parting with the readies for items from the Kiosk. Thank you!. Jim Graham turned up to reclaim one of the P Way tools we had borrowed. I quick bit of banter and he was gone. I'll get him back with his trowel one of these days! Colin from Oz turn up at the end of a day spent with the track gang. He has offered to lay some more bricks for us before he returns home in 7 weeks.  Great!  To everyone please come along and see what we're up to. We are not seeking plaudits but the encouragement from you all keeps us going.

And finally a thanks to my volunteer chums who made it such an enjoyable day today.

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