Tuesday 16 August 2011

Stats 2

The Blog visits for the month of July 2011 were:
UK 7299
US   365
France 104
Australia 65
Italy 61
Spain 56
Germany 33
Ireland 25
Canada 13
Croatia 9
Total 8021

The Stats post seemed to corrupt itself in formatting so I have replaced it and copied the comments below:

Howard Said:
Have you thought of opening a bank account to which visitors, in their their thousands apparently, could donate? I mean just give account number and sort code. most of us who access online, have electronic banking, so we can transfer our donation in a nano second. If abroad, especially EU, we can transfer using SEPA at no cost or negligible cost (14 €ct maximum). So you need to open an authorised account (not GWSR but one specific for this extension) and also quote the IBAN number as well as the english bank codes on this blog.

If you don't know what an IBAN number is, just call in at your local branch and ask the manager to help you set it all up. There is of course Paypal for those outside the noraml realms, and you should get one of those as well. One word of warning. I have only found the Santander bank which will not charge for receipt of international payments, so I hope you can find a branch. NatWest, my own normal bank for instance, I had to avoid because they charge £25 for each receipt via SEPA - ridiculous! In fact, they can't really do it but Santander can.

I do hope you can get this going without taking offence at my suggestions (of which you may already be aware) but with such international enthusiastic support, the opportunity seems begging.

We are all so impressed with the efforts being made and you should not be in any doubt about that.
14 August 2011 11:44

Howard all of your comments and the thought that goes into them are much appreciated. I am looking into the Blogger Monetise facility which works along the lines you describe.

Belgrade said:
Your Blog stats should include at least one from Serbia!
Steve as the saying goes "there are lies, damn lies, and statistics!"


Anonymous said...

Is the rebuilding of Broadway station a registered charity if so what number and could any tax be reclaimed through giftaid?
Ian H.

Bill said...

Hello Ian,
Yes we are a registered charity through the GWR Trust. I would be happy to give you the number if you contact me by email through the www.broadwaystation.co.uk website. Thanks for your interest.