Thursday 11 August 2011

Wednesday 10th August 2011

12 Volunteers on duty today, all keen to get going on the foundation wall for Platform 1A.
A quick last check of the alignment and two teams of bricklayers began the block laying.

I  had an urgent call that took me away from site so the pictures and full story will be updated on Saturday. Sorry about that!


DanC said...

Theres a ex GCR carriage works shed going to be demolished in Leicester.

Could this be a good source of Imperial bricks?

Link Here

Stuart said...

I dont know how you got on with Tetbury (I was belatedly told they have tried to tidy up the goods shed, though its still not in great shape) but there is a platform at Oaksey halt near kemble (which has been defunct since the 1960s). In a couple of years time they are due to redouble this line, and like as not the platform will probably be ripped out.
Probably too late for your purposes, although looking at it, it is make up of imperials as well.

Anonymous said...

a load of Victorian terrace houses are being demolished in Chesterfield near Queens Park... many red Imperial bricks....