Friday 8 July 2011

Wednesday 6th July 2011

I've been  away in London for a few days this week. Work continues though and Peter H. kindly filed the following report:

We had a very good turn out today - 12 pioneers were present and a variety of jobs tackled.

Andy and Rod did Stirling work in retrieving about 60 concrete blocks from the side drain. How Andy keeps going never fails to amaze me!

Steve, Terry and Mike collected more bricks from Childswickham Road, a very useful number of blues were recovered.

Ray & I connected up the water to the line side cabinet ( with a stop-cock in the cabinet) and laid the armoured cable to the cabinet also - just reached ok when the large cable was pulled through from the opposite cabinet. General consensus was that no manhole was required in the middle of the platform - they trust my plumbing to be ok! We blocked off where the large cable and 2.5 mm cable require joining - this is the only join required. The large cable will need fixing in the original cabinet plus a 13 amp socket placed in the new cabinet. Graham, one of the new volunteers, has donated 5 litre of paint for the cabinet. ( we bought 2 padlocks for the cabinet)

The brick cleaning gang did excellent work as usual

Thanks Peter!

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