Sunday 10 July 2011

Saturday 9th July 2011 - A Tale of Rusty Nuts

It was one of those rare day when we were short on numbers (5).  John B, recuperating after some eye surgery offered to man the kiosk, and  so the rest of us decided to put our efforts into sorting  the lamp huts. The plan is to do a minor refurbishment of the "good" hut and a major refurbishment of the other. This involved siting the good one in its temporary resting place(18months?) and stripping the the other down to its constituent parts.

Setting the good one up involved digging holes for the legs, which have 12" square plates on the bottom, and settling it in as squarely and as level as possible. This took a fair bit of huff and puff as the GWR built things not to blow away in the wind! However when this was finally achieved lamp hut number one looked very much at home.

In the meantime Vic set about dismantling the second lamp hut. The corrugated metal is bolted onto an angle iron frame and the sheets are riveted together. Therein  lay a classic volunteers challenge, using a  miss mash of tools from the boot of the car, setting out on what seemed a near impossible task.

Vic and his trusty tools
Nevertheless Vic together with Dave and John S.similarly infected by the challenge, just about got there by the end of the day. An angle grinder will be need to do the last few and to take the heads off the rivets. Herein lays the moral of this story - during the course of the day stories were told, good humour was to the fore and cups of tea revived. We all went home with a sense of achievement and a job well done. To the casual passer by they still look like two clapped out garden sheds, but to us they are becoming old friends!


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